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WFBQ - Bob and Tom - Indianapolis
KABC-AM - Los Angeles
WSNX - The Morning After - Michigan

USA Today - A Facebook mixup for an attorney named Zuckerberg

NBC Bay Area - Facebook Doesn't Like Mark Zuckerberg

Forbes - Meet Mark Zuckerberg, Attorney: What It's Like Sharing Social Media's Biggest Name

Los Angeles Times - Facebook reportedly disables account of attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg

Washington Post - Facebook restores other Mark Zuckerberg's profile

BackChannel - Life as the "other" Mark has its perks - but mostly it's a headache.

WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis - Facebook reinstates "other" Mark Zuckerberg

The Atlantic Wire - Mark S. Zuckerberg Has His Facebook Account Deleted

Spiegel Online (German) - Ich bin auch Mark Zuckerberg!

Yahoo News - Facebook bans Mark Zuckerberg, the attorney, not the founder

PC Magazine - Is the Other Mark Zuckerberg the Tip of the Iceberg?

TIME magazine - Naming Nuisance: Mark (S.) Zuckerberg's Facebook Account Deleted

ABA Journal (American Bar Association) - In Familiar Problem for Mark Zuckerberg, Attorney at Law, Facebook Disables His Account

ZDNet - Facebook bans Mark Zuckerberg (Spanish) - Si te llamas Mark Zuckerberg, tienes un problema con Facebook

Mail Online - The other Mark Zuckerberg: Attorney from Indianapolis with same name as Facebook founder has account shut down (French) - Un homonyme de Mark Zuckerberg évincé de Facebook

TG Daily - Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

Gawker - Mark Zuckerberg Kicked Off Facebook

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