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Mark Zuckerberg Bankruptcy Lawyer
I started practicing law in central Indiana nearly 23 years ago. Most of my career has focused on consumer and commercial bankruptcy laws. I was one of the first board certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists in Indiana. In the nearly 19 years since I opened the Bankruptcy Law Office of Mark S. Zuckerberg, I have helped literally tens of thousands of Hoosiers weather difficult times in their lives. Along the way, I've become a national lecturer on the topic of consumer bankruptcy law. In fact, I've spoken at both the American Bankruptcy Institute Conference and annual National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. I have been recognized by Who's Who in American Law, the Best Lawyers in America Consumer Guide, and was the only consumer bankruptcy attorney to be named in the March 2005 Edition of the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine's list of Indiana Super Lawyers, a distinction I have repeated several times. I was awarded Master Distinguished Fellow by the Indianapolis Bar Association.

I tell you all of this to make this point: I have put a lot of energy into becoming an exceptional bankruptcy attorney and establishing my good name nationally. If you had Googled Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, you would have found me. No one else. Mark S. Zuckerberg, bankruptcy attorney. If you had repeated the search two years later, you wouldn't have found me at all. Now my name isn't mine any more. The website claims that only 1 Mark Zuckerberg exists in the entire United States. Which one do you think they're counting?

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
Other than the name, and our Jewish upbringing, the two of us have little else in common. He was born in Dobbs Ferry, NY at about the same time that I was graduating from Indiana University. To date, he hasn't finished his college education, but Harvard is known for granting honorary degrees to its successful technology dropouts. He has been immersed in technology almost since birth. I'm happy to be able to accomplish my electronic tasks without screaming. Columbia Pictures will release a movie about him this Fall. I have a series of bankruptcy related videos on YouTube. One thing we do share is a laser sharp focus on what we do. Facebook's success owes to the determination and intensity of young Mr. Zuckerberg. My Indiana bankruptcy law practice gets the same laser focus from me and my competent staff.

I suppose there are worse things. I could have had the fate of the poor guy in Office Space who was named Michael Bolton, or the real Westchester, NY funeral director named Frank Sinatra. Or I could share my name with some infamous criminal like David Berkowitz. I have to say that my take on name sharing is more in line with funeral director Sinatra than fictional office worker Bolton. I don't wish my namesake any ill will. I hope the best for him. I'm even one of the 350 million Facebook users, with an account and a fan page. You can't imagine the number of friend requests I get every day! I wouldn't have suggested that he turn down that billion dollar offer from Yahoo a couple of years ago, but time will tell.

Like I said, I don't wish Mark E. Zuckerberg any ill will at all. I hope the best for him, but let me tell you this: I will rule the search for "Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy" if he finds himself in that situation. And if he does fall upon difficult financial times, and happens to be in Indiana, I will gladly handle his case in honor of our eponymy.

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